Kingmaker - Dawn of a New Age

[Post S43] Varnhold and the Nomen

Quests completed

Geldt Makarov of Varnhold, a short and stout dark-haired man, rallies the Varnholders to Stagsheart’s banner. His fiesty spirit is a welcome reprieve from the sobering evidence of familial loss.

“Hip, hip, hooray!” he leads the rest, who, inspired by the heroes’ presence and offer, bow down upon one knee. “We commit ourselves to the duchy of Stagsheart. May Varnhold flourish under it’s rule.” Other shouts of approval rein down upon Willow, coming from faces that are covered in grime and tears.

“Our rescuers!” “Our saviors!” and the like echo throughout town. Desperation is met with hope, and Varnhold begins anew.

Days later, twice-born Xamanthe trots into camp, followed by the PCs, who are once again welcome.

Aecora Silvermane hears the party’s exploits, and through careful negotiaions declares the party to be Huntbrothers and Huntsisters. Skybolt and Trederryl (the cold iron flail) is presented as gifts to the party.

At this point, Emmond retrieves a map from the folds of his cloak. He has outlined some hexes which appear blank. His bony digit points two routes – one along the roads, or overland through the pass and beyond, which would unite Stagsheart with the greater Varnhold area. “Or a third route?”


The Varnhold lot is an optimistic bunch – while you’ve gotten used to the grumblings of the commoners, which has been taken to a new art form by those in Ashhaven, though they are good-hearted enough – Varnholders collectively feel a new lease on life. Not only were their lives saved, but the uncertainty that always plagued them about living in the wilds has been eased. And, a great threat has been destroyed, AND they are now under the protection of Stagsheart’s crown.

I’d like to see Emmond, Sleestack and Alarah respond to offers of gratitude, both below-the-sheets and otherwise. The drunken revelry ensues in your party’s honor. Unsure as to how the Duchess would indulge in such affairs, so the posts are yours…

[Post S43] Varnhold and the Nomen
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