Female Half-Elf, Adept 1/Warrior 1/Expert 1


Conseiller of Citizens of Candlemere Island


Bellatrix is most likely a native of the River Kingdoms. She was found abandon on the doorstep of an Elven cook in the village of Mimere on the Sellen River in Hymbria.
Like most Half-Elves in an Elven community she bounced around from family to family. Always “welcome” but never truly “a part of”.
As she grew she found that only the River Freedoms held any truth. It is because of this belief (and her aptitude with magic) that Sheppard Emmond found her to be an obvious choice as Conseiller of Citizens on Candlemere Island. She is a welcome thorn in the side of the Magistar of Staggsheart regarding the laws of the Stolenlands.


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