Akiros Ismort [Ex-General of Stagsheart - Violator of the 2nd River Freedom]

Veteran fighter, Deserter


After a personal tragedy (involving murder) in the nation of Taldor, Akiros lost himself in the River Kingdoms living as a bandit, a vagabond, and a criminal. Eventually his wanderings took him into the Stolen Lands – he had learned of the Stag Lord, and still unsure of where he needed to be in life, he sought out this new liege.
Akiros was with the Stag Lord’s bandits for only a few months when a group of adventurers made an attack on the Stag Lord’s fort.
Akiros seized upon this opportunity and swapped sides.
His prowess as a swordsman made him an excellent choice as the General of the new nation of Stagsheart.
His inability to follow orders made it clear that it was a poor choice.
Coupled with his nefarious past and his insubordination the Baroness wanted nothing more with the fallen Paladin of Erastil. However, Lord Emmond intervened on the behalf of Akiros and issued him a demotion. Along with the demotion came a new posting. A posting that Akiros never served.

Akiros had given word and oath to Lady Willow and to Lord Emmond. He failed on both accounts. The most grievous of which is the abandonment of his post. For this matter his reputation in the Kingdom of Stagsheart is that of a traitor and Oathbreaker. – (Lord Emmond is seeing to this as being know as fact)

Akiros Ismort [Ex-General of Stagsheart - Violator of the 2nd River Freedom]

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