Amadis Float

Human Male, Cleric of Erastil 1, Conseiller of Building and Public Safety, Co-Captain of the Flame Wardens


Amadis Float, Cleric of Erastil, is the overseer of all new construction on Candlemere Island and he is also the other Co-Captian of the Flame Wardens. His appointment was sincerely requested by Her Grace the Duchess (most likely through the Machinations of Jhod while she was drunk) in order to insure the viability of the new settlement established in Stagsheart.

Oddly enough however, Theo (the other Co-Captian) and Amadis get along quite well. They each understand the way of the people and the land. (Maybe Willow knew this?) It is lucky anyway because someone with magical ability is needed in the eyes of Sheppard Emmond (and Neythus) in such appointments of high standing.

Amadis Float

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