Beets the Schemer

Halfling Innkeeper of [The Candle and the Fiddle]


Beets, actually born Flando Bagowan, has more than one hare-brained idea. Nicknamed Beets because of his skill as a cook and specialty Borsht, the halfling came to Ashhaven with the idea of a cooperative innkeeping business. Each employee owns a share in the inns success. He thinks this will make the employees work harder and take more pride in what they do. So far, he hasn’t been proven wrong. Beets is a dilletante – he can play the fiddle, cook, is highly knowledgable (or at least appears to be), repair almost anything, spin a yarn, etc. However, when he runs out of information he’s made up on the spot, he’s fond of saying, “Nevermind.”

Beets shares his ideas about naming the tavern he wants to build adjoining [The Candle and the Fiddle". "I’ll name it after this horny rooster I owned that always scared the hens away – “The Flustered Cock”.

“No? Or how about naming it after my pet kitty whom I always found laying under me or furniture. The Lazy Pussy?”

“Wow, you’re all hard to please. How about after an adventuring party I met that could never agree on anything – the Fiddlin’ Fumbs? Nevermind.”


Beets the Schemer

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