Half-Orc Expert 2/Warrior 2 Co-Captain of the Flame Wardens


Barracks of the Flame Wardens
Tasked with both upholding civil law and firefighting.

The first Flame Warden and Co-Captain of the Guard of Emmond’s choosing was Theo.
Theo was the very first volunteer (other than Sleestack) to come to Candlemere and help in clearing, surveying and digging the first hole and trench that lead to the settlement of Candlemere Island. Theo has raised and fell his hammer upon every new structure currently standing in Candlemere Island as of Abadius 4715. As Co-Captain of the Flame Wardens Theo carries non-lethal weapons.

He and Amadis, the other Co-Captain, have become great friends. (…In spite of the religious machinations of Ashhaven?)



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