Tulo [Marshal of Stagsheart]

Drafted from the Rabble


Randomly suggested by Lord Emmond as a replacement for Marshal when Kestin was promoted to replace Akiros [the Oathbreaker] as General.

Bulgar was Lord Emmond’s first choice as a replacement for Marshal.
But, rightfully so, Lord Sleestack would not release the Ranger from service in the scout patrol.

It may be possible that Tulo’s seemingly random appoint as Marshal of Stagsheart has been directed by FATE.


A native of the Stolen Lands.
Tulo has tired of the bullying would-be tyrants of the River Kingdoms.
He has faith that Duchess Willow will establish a peaceable nation capable of allowing anyone to raise a family in security and health.

Tulo [Marshal of Stagsheart]

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