Kingmaker - Dawn of a New Age

Tomb of the Known Barbarian

His name is/was Armag

The party, after fleeing from the formidable witch sisters of Gyronna guarding a Kelish tomb, convinces Willow to secure the entrance from the witches.

They call upon her strengths – being able to present Erastil’s healing to all in the midst of battle, as well as her ability to call out and destroy evil.

She begrudgingly obliges them. After many hours of travel, they approach the entrance, which is not really an entrance, having been walled off by Emmond’s wall spells. Along the journey, the party sees the the Baroness’ sense of purpose has gone slack. Long bouts of uncomfortable silence make make the ride lengthen. Willow’s naivete has been replaced by boredom, or perhaps worse, a sense of fateful ennui…

They are surprised to learn, after entering the tomb, that Willow does not seem herself. They find her abilities in battle lessened. The healing does not glow as bright; her previously forceful threats to demons now resemble disdainful hesitation, assuaged by a swig from a hip flask. Even the force of her blows seem forced.

The party, aided by a quick inflitration and powerful offense provided by the others, watches Willow somewhat absent-mindedly walking past the babau demon, suffering a sizzling, acidified claw hit, and then pounded by mighty fists of a summoned stone elemental. Yet she treats this foray not as divinely-guided, but more of annoyance. Striking down the last sister with a spit of disgust, she turns to face the party, drinking once more.

“Can I go now?”


redchin redchin

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