Kingmaker - Dawn of a New Age

[Post-session 24] Reforestation
and other fine works

The PCs find Tiressia Leafcrown and her satyr Falchos distressed over the appearance of a marauding scythe tree. Their encounter with the scythe tree is quite dangerous, especially to the great cat, but eventually successful. The dryad gifts them with the magical tree tokens they needed to complete the nixie’s quest. Melianse openly flirts with Emmond, at one point attempting a charm which she thought was successful (but Emmond was amazingly able to bluff).

[Post-session 23] Loggers/Nixie and Lonely Barrow
A reasonable intervention

After defeating the cairn wight fighter and his burning skeleton minions, the party claims a magical ring and longsword, whose magic is moderately strong. The blade is warm and has an almost indetectable hum when in hand.

The party, making its way toward the dryad, comes across some angry loggers and a charming nixie, at odds with each other. The party negotiates with each party, and takes on the coachwood tree restoration project for the nixie, as it coincides with their journey to see the dryad anyway. The party sends the loggers to a nearby sawmill, hoping the forest nearby will provide work and wages for them.

[Post S22] The Tendriculos is destroyed
Stagsheart grows

At least 5 months of in-game development passed, building up the kingdom – roads were added, and a tavern, among other buildings. More farms were built.

The party went after the tendriculos, and after harassing it multiple times managed to “corner” it and slew it. Now the PCs are free to enjoy the stinking mud pools without imminent death by stomach acids.

Also, the Old Beldame was pleased with the party’s most recent visit, and begins work on crafting her buxom innocence golem after being provided the parts by Emmond and company.

[Post Session 21]Small Victories
Do not go gentle into that good night.

After the threats from within are temporarily dispatched, the party looks outward.

Venturing out South from Ashhaven they visited the Old Bell Dame, and made her a little more friendly, but they still need the mushrooms it seems. They also headed Southwest of Tuskwater and killed the Green Drake as well as the Hodag, they then scouted and found signs of around a half dozen Trolls. Once they return, Emmond should have the spell he needs to clear some of the stench of the bog surrounding the Tendriculos. They also missed the day of the White Stag’s feast…

And on top of all that, the strange emanating from holes in reality unknown still pester the minds of the Founders of Stagsheart.

[Up to session 20]Defeating the threat from within
For now...

The dust settles as Grigori is finally sent away from Stagsheart on threat of death. Tensions amongst the party still sing like harp strings with misunderstandings abounding. The big revelation! With the ruler’s true gender coming to light, what will the ramifications of this scandal be.

Even with all the inner turmoil the leaders of Stagsheart face, there are yet more threats. The terrifying Tendriculos. The lizardfolk who have the Baroness’s prized mount as a hostage. There are still many rumors of the many dangers of the Stolenlands. Prime among them, the mysterious Candlemere.

What does the mysterious island hold? Rumors of willow-wisps are all anyone knows.

[Up to session 16] Adventurers together a year

As AR 4711 moves into Pharasma, the party reflects on what is has remarkably achieved in the last year.

The fatigue of exploring and eliminating threats across many miles of travel.

The defeat of the bandits and the Stag Lord.

The founding of Stagsheart, Ashhaven, its capital, and annexation of 6 hexes incorporated into their kingdom.

The discovery of strange creatures in the region, and ensuing interactions.

The initial success of the first year of Ashhaven in attracting inhabitants, but also the recent unrest brought on by factors out of their control.

What will the next year and years hold?

[Post session 13] The founding of Ashhaven
The burdens of rulership...and Beets

2 months passed, and much work was done. Leadership rules were made, and we learned a bit about how to make checks, what influences the checks, etc.

Beets can’t say no to any proposed endeavor – perhaps that’s why few ever get finished.
Beets, actually born Flando Bagowan, has more than one hare-brained idea. Nicknamed Beets because of his skill as a cook and specialty Borsht, the halfling came to Whitestag with the idea of a cooperative innkeeping business. Each employee owns a share in the inns success. He thinks this will make the employees work harder and take more pride in what they do. So far, he hasn’t been proven wrong.

Beets is a dilletante – he can play the fiddle, cook, is highly knowledgable (or at least appears to be), repair almost anything, spin a yarn, etc. However, when he runs out of information he’s made up on the spot, you notice he’s fond of saying, “Nevermind.”

Beets, upon opening the inn, shares his ideas about naming the tavern he wants to build adjoining [The Candle and the Fiddle]. "I’ll name it after this rooster who tried like hell to escape his cage – “The Flustered Cock”.

At the look of disbelief/disapproval, “No? How about naming it after my pet kitty whom I always found laying under me or furniture. The Lazy Pussy?”

“Wow, you’re all hard to please. How about after an adventuring party I met that could never agree on anything – the Fiddlin’ Fumbs? "


[Post session 12] The Freak Below
Clearing out the fort

The magic arrow flew true, striking the wolverine in the chest, and dropping it from the ceiling with a loud thunk. The swarm of spiders soon dissipates, leaving some party members poisoned (forgot to resolve this last night.)

[Post-session 11] Loot roundup
Found gear, magical marked with *

From the fallen, and the immediate area inside the keep:

two light riding horses
furniture and supplies (barrels, crates)
in the armory area, 10 longbows, 260 arrows, 5 short swords, 5 spears, four 50’ hemp ropes, a set of chisels, 2 hammers, 3 tins of iron nails, 4 leather armors
Containers for grains, dry goods, firewood, tools and dried meat to last a few weeks

8 longbows
8 suits of leather armor (in varying degrees of filth)
about 150 arrows scavenged from the common bandits
8 short swords
80 gp
two weeks worth of dry rations

mw studded leather
3 daggers
silver stag lord amulet
28gp, 2pp

Stag Lord:
leather armor*
composite longbow*
mw longsword
stag’s helm*
2 potions *
a dozen arrows

3 magical radiations come from Auchs’ belt pouch, and Akiros’ longsword and some arrows radiate magic as well, Emmond notes.

You also discover a large slab of wood near the ceiling collapse area hides an opening in the ground.

Also, under the stairs where Alarah’s summoned eagle took down Dovan is a hidden stone trap door.

[Post-session 11] The Stag Lord falls...
and the party gains some allies...

The warm afternoon rain is punctuated by a ruthless showdown at the Stag Lord’s keep.

Arrows fly, and many strike true. At long last (only 1 minute, 6 seconds though in game time), the bandit king lies dying.

Akiros, exhausted, turns and administers a potion to Eric, bringing him to consciousness. Auchs stands, stupefied and confused.

The party checks on all the dead or dying. Slink makes a few observations about strategy. He describes what he did, saving the life of the Varisian after burning him with a vial of fire. Slink is visibly pleased no new friend died.

There are decisions to make about what to do with the fallen, treasure to discover and appraise, and the fort to explore. Apparently there is a trap door in the dirt floor of the keep that begs investigation. All this can be wrapped up in the next session, our 12th. Please bring 4th level characters.

I’d like to help make sure your choices are what they want to be before we start adventure 2.

Tonight’s totals look like 1551 xp, 5000gp for the party (when the Swordlords send the reward), plus much more magical and mundane treasure. However, a basement needs exploring, and the hex is not yet cleared…


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