Kingmaker - Dawn of a New Age

[Post-session 11] Loot roundup
Found gear, magical marked with *

From the fallen, and the immediate area inside the keep:

two light riding horses
furniture and supplies (barrels, crates)
in the armory area, 10 longbows, 260 arrows, 5 short swords, 5 spears, four 50’ hemp ropes, a set of chisels, 2 hammers, 3 tins of iron nails, 4 leather armors
Containers for grains, dry goods, firewood, tools and dried meat to last a few weeks

8 longbows
8 suits of leather armor (in varying degrees of filth)
about 150 arrows scavenged from the common bandits
8 short swords
80 gp
two weeks worth of dry rations

mw studded leather
3 daggers
silver stag lord amulet
28gp, 2pp

Stag Lord:
leather armor*
composite longbow*
mw longsword
stag’s helm*
2 potions *
a dozen arrows

3 magical radiations come from Auchs’ belt pouch, and Akiros’ longsword and some arrows radiate magic as well, Emmond notes.

You also discover a large slab of wood near the ceiling collapse area hides an opening in the ground.

Also, under the stairs where Alarah’s summoned eagle took down Dovan is a hidden stone trap door.

[Post-session 11] The Stag Lord falls...
and the party gains some allies...

The warm afternoon rain is punctuated by a ruthless showdown at the Stag Lord’s keep.

Arrows fly, and many strike true. At long last (only 1 minute, 6 seconds though in game time), the bandit king lies dying.

Akiros, exhausted, turns and administers a potion to Eric, bringing him to consciousness. Auchs stands, stupefied and confused.

The party checks on all the dead or dying. Slink makes a few observations about strategy. He describes what he did, saving the life of the Varisian after burning him with a vial of fire. Slink is visibly pleased no new friend died.

There are decisions to make about what to do with the fallen, treasure to discover and appraise, and the fort to explore. Apparently there is a trap door in the dirt floor of the keep that begs investigation. All this can be wrapped up in the next session, our 12th. Please bring 4th level characters.

I’d like to help make sure your choices are what they want to be before we start adventure 2.

Tonight’s totals look like 1551 xp, 5000gp for the party (when the Swordlords send the reward), plus much more magical and mundane treasure. However, a basement needs exploring, and the hex is not yet cleared…

[Pre-session 10] Sleestak creeps forward


An eruption of dirt reveals a rotting corpse unearthing itself. Sleestak stumbles on the crumbling earth.

The big cat

takes a stance ready to pounce.

Meanwhile Sleestak’s companions ready themselves…

[Pre-session 10] "The Grim White Stag...
Appearance of an avatar of Erastil

is an auspicious sign. It only appears when there is a great threat present, or so I’ve learned." Jhod shakes his head in disbelief, apparently still stunned at the implications.

Meanwhile, the slashed bodies of the twig blights are being examined by Emmond, as well as the slain evil “gray elf” stalkers.

“Why it chose you all…” his eyes settle on each of your faces, lingering longer on Sleestak and Eric…

Emmond breaks Jhod from his reverie, “We have wounded fey friends. Their cries of pain are distracting my thoughts, please Jhod.”

Jhod moves to lend succor to the woodland folk, glancing once more back at the four of you in wonder? amazement?

Later, Emmond and Alarah study the strange alabaster stone and vines that makeup the feast table/corpse of the creature. They exchange theories on the nature of the three-headed dragon it battled with.

Vivid images of the conflict replay themselves through Sleestak’s mind…

Even more later, in the early morning, an earthen rumbling awakens the party at dawn. Before their astonished eyes, the feast table regrows itself into the colossal stag. The morning rays of sunlight illuminate its breathtaking majesty. It stretches its neck to the sky and perhaps pivots a brief stare in your direction, expressionless, and then bounds thunderously off into the woods, out of sight, perhaps in the direction the dragon-like creature fled…


Session 8 Recap - Of Frogs, Faeries and the Treacherous Tartuk

Sleestak tracked Tartuk to a clearing near the skunk river. Moving on ahead he makes a wrong step and alerts his quarry. Silently summoning a massive Aurochs, Tartuk gets the drop on Sleestak and the cat with the beast trampling through the underbrush and over the two of them. Sleestak fell under the weight of the beast while the cat got in a claw or two before being gored.
Emmond was struck with a burst of magical bolts and took off through the trees, blipping through a patch of dense brush to get closer to the Shaman. While Eric advanced, javelin in hand, towards the beast, Alarah cast a warding shield.
The Aurochs gores the cat and charges the young warrior, the two trade blows while Alarah calls out for aid from beyond. Emmond has approached the treacherous shaman and attempts to catch it in a color spray, having shaken off the first casting, he redoubles his efforts and casts again, stunning it.
Still tangled with the huge beast, Eric strikes at it as the dual form of Alarah within some summoned entity join the fray. Between Alarah and Eric they strike it down, it vanishes from whence it came. Alarah runs over, heals Sleestak to consciousness and runs to aid Emmond against Tartuk. Eric kneels and makes sure Sleestak and the cat are alright. Sleestak tends to the bleeding wounds of the cat (making the heal check by 1 point on the cat who is at -12 hp)
Back at Tartuk, Emmond tags him with a flaming bolt and manages to cast another color spray, keeping him stunned. Alarah moves closer as Emmond gets another shot with a flaming bolt and drops the kobold.
Alarah looms over the body of Tartuk as the shaman’s raven pecks at her through the summoned form. As she, Sleestak and Emmond try to knock it out of the air, Alarah finally sinks a claw into it, killing it. She then grabs Tartuk, lifts him up and breaks his neck before the summoned form collapses around her and she falls to a knee, exhausted.
Eric calls out to Erastil for aid and manages to bring the cat back to consciousness. The group then decides to camp in a nearby clearing, Alarah taking first watch so Sleestak can rest.

The next morning the group makes their way to Oleg’s through bitter cold, comforted by Emmond’s magic, where they return Sventlana’s ring to Oleg for a reward of a heavy purse of 1,000 gold. They speak with Jhod Kavken who helps to heal Eric of the lingering centipede poison in his wounds and they learn that Desnaday is soon approaching and we should make our way to the temple before then to observe the beginning of Spring. They decide to take a day of rest while Eric is purged of his envenomed wounds and Emmond, Sleestak and Alarah head out of view of the fort to experiment with her new-found summoning power. The next day dawns, and the group, along with Jhod make way for the shrine of Erastil.

On the way there, more pranks occur, Emmond is furious at the creatures, believing them to be fey tricksters and he attempts to color spray a bush. Alarah ends up offering first her hip flask of brandy and then a number of her books of poetry and various items from her courtesan’s kit. Placated somewhat after getting Emmond to grab a hat full of fire ants and a song from Alarah, they ask her to come a ways away from the rest of the group and the cold iron weapons. A faerie dragon and Grig reveal themselves to her and she talks with them for information on the area. She unsucessfully attempts to get them to stop playing pranks on Emmond, as she is concerned he may resort to something rash. Eric is called over and tells them a story of his childhood as well as gives them a small mirror, which placates them. Sleestak attempts to bribe them with cooked meats and other things but they are unimpressed.

Moving southwards towards the shrine with the faeries in tow, they arrive at the shrine with a few days to spare and tend to it while Eric and Jhod talk about Erastil and his worship.
Wanting to explore new territory with the time they have, another swampy area is explored, meeting with a frog-like Boggard with a crippled hand and his pet Slurk. The creature only knows a few words of common and Alarah ends up eating a bug offered to her as a sign of good faith. Despite Emmond’s warnings that such creatures are evil, Eric looks to Erastil for a warning as to some sort of malevolence and doesn’t detect anything so a truce is made and the adventurers start to head back to the shrine for Desnasday.

[Pre-session 7] Developments at Oleg's
Head cheese and song

Later that night, Vekkel Benzen arrives at the fort. Within the hour he is stewing Tuskgutter’s head in its own juices, stripping the meat from bone. In the middle of the night he alllows the concoction to cool, jelling the broth, and layering the meat. At lunch, the loaf is sliced and served. Vekkel is in his cups, and tells the story of losing his leg. As he recounts the tale and gets to the climax of his story, he loses his balance, falls over and laughs at himself.

Later that afternoon, Eric, Sleestak, Alarah and Emmond gather around the campfire circle in the courtyard inside the relatively safe walls of the Trading Post.

Emmond mulls over how long it’ll take to repair the catapults.

Alarah is putting the finishing touches on a newly composed song about the wilds of the northern River Kingdoms, and adds a few choreographed flourished movements to the high points in the melody.

Eric contemplates the mysteries of Erastil’s teachings on family, considering Oleg and Svetlana’s coming newborn. The youngster should arrive in the deep of winter, barring complications.

Sleestak also mulls over the found ruins and statue. At one point, Erastil’s influence over the region once held stronger sway, but the wilderness has reclaimed it’s rule over the lands.

The four adventurers discus plans to further explore the wilds. At some point soon a report will be delivered to the Swordlords in Restov regarding the findings of the pioneering party.

Kesten reminds the party of the bounty on nefarious Falgrim Sneeg. Both Svetlana and Oleg have their own requests of the party (ring and soup), and Bekken, the reclusive hermit potion-maker wants his fangberries.

Somewhere out in the wilds, the Stag Lord watches…

[Pre-session 5] A Bounty awaits...
A mite bit cold...

Tuskgutter’s corpse is being shucked and dressed for consumption and return to Oleg’s. Sleestak’s knife flashes, working furiously to bring apart the large boar into manageable portions.

Emmond’s air of superiority is adequately maintained with over-the-shoulder comments expressing appropriate amounts of condecension ( : )

Alarah’s snippets of verse and song make the work go by fast, and keep the party’s spirits warm in the cold temperatures.

Eric adjusts the new breastplate uneasily, where it seems to be a bit snug in places and loose in others.

The party considers another night out in the cold, as the sunlight begins to wane…

[Pre-session 4] Temperatures drop...
Late Winter in the Stolen Lands

Another few-day spell of cold weather assaults Oleg’s Trading Post. This morning a strong wind swirls around the dilapidated buildings, bringing with it a chill that finds its way through your clothes like icy, probing fingers.

The wind picks up during the morning hours, reaching 30+ miles an hour, coming down from the northwest. It would be warmer, but swift moving clouds blot most of the sky.

Svetlana offers to put the radishes gathered into some of her tasty borsht, and prepare the venison with some watercress and other local herbs for the evening meal.

Kesten Garess and his 3 men spar with wooden blades in the courtyard, and then follow with whetsones upon their swords and spun cloth upon their armor.

Oleg continues to repair a leaky roof, stirring some pitch and splintering some wood into shingles.

At mid-morn, Kazov, one of Kesten’s men, rolls back the gate to reveal Jhod Kavken. Jhod, with an earnest smile, and strong armclasp, greets you warmly. He unloads his furs with Oleg, and then joins up with you. He asks about your travels, and if you need any assistance. Only later in his conversation does he inquire about you having come across a bear or ruin in the last week…

One month in... [Post-session 3]
[Post-session 3]

Starday, the 24th of Pharast

A month has passed since first starting out from Restov, in southern Brevoy, with the exploration charter in hand.

The party looks back on its victories, its close calls, and its strange encounters, takes a bite of mutton, a swig of spirits, and has a few laughs in the relative safety and warmth of Oleg’s Trading Post.

A colorful mix of personalities: from Swordlord Mettleton to Slink, the map-trader, to hosts Oleg and Svetlana, Jhod Kavken, Kesten Garess and his 3 guardsmen, and now Bokken, the crazed potion-maker.

Somewhere out in the wild a savage beast roams, scenting for Sleestak. A few angry witnesses bear mention of a group of defiant adventurers carving their way through the wilderness to unspoken masters. While the snow softly falls, blanketing the fort’s roofs and courtyard, one cannot help but wonder what myriad secrets lie beyond the palisade, undiscovered in the Stolen Lands…

Thrice more Into the Wild
The Intrepid Four continue their journeys [Pre-session 3]

Oathday, the 15th of Pharast

Ice crusts the puddled waters in the courtyard of Oleg’s Trading Post after a long, cold night in the wild and an early morning ride in. Svetlana sees your approach, and busies herself with bringing a flaming brand from her quarters to yours, lighting the hearth fire. She then takes the reins of your horses and leads them into the stables. You dry out your gear, sharpen your weapons, prepare your magicks, and discuss your plans for the coming day.

Scanning over the map, your notice the immediate adjacent hexes to the south and southwest are marked as explored. There remains unexplored areas along the plains to the southeast, and farther south, along the border of the Narlmarch Forest and the Kameland plains, and then deeper into the Narlmarches themselves.

Somewhere Tuskgutter roams, tatzlwyrm heads lie comfortably atop their bodies, and the Sootscale kobolds and a rumored mite tribe go about their business…

We’ll take a look at the campaign website together, finish character backgrounds, review some posts, and you four can discuss your options…the hungry maw of the Stolen Lands awaits your stumbling steps…


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