Kingmaker - Dawn of a New Age

[Pre-session 4] Temperatures drop...

Late Winter in the Stolen Lands

Another few-day spell of cold weather assaults Oleg’s Trading Post. This morning a strong wind swirls around the dilapidated buildings, bringing with it a chill that finds its way through your clothes like icy, probing fingers.

The wind picks up during the morning hours, reaching 30+ miles an hour, coming down from the northwest. It would be warmer, but swift moving clouds blot most of the sky.

Svetlana offers to put the radishes gathered into some of her tasty borsht, and prepare the venison with some watercress and other local herbs for the evening meal.

Kesten Garess and his 3 men spar with wooden blades in the courtyard, and then follow with whetsones upon their swords and spun cloth upon their armor.

Oleg continues to repair a leaky roof, stirring some pitch and splintering some wood into shingles.

At mid-morn, Kazov, one of Kesten’s men, rolls back the gate to reveal Jhod Kavken. Jhod, with an earnest smile, and strong armclasp, greets you warmly. He unloads his furs with Oleg, and then joins up with you. He asks about your travels, and if you need any assistance. Only later in his conversation does he inquire about you having come across a bear or ruin in the last week…


redchin redchin

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