Grant Grandbridge

Shop Owner on Candlemere Island


Expert 2/Commoner 2



Grant’s Needs, currently the only shop, store and outfitter on Candlemere Island.
Run by Grant Grandbridge, a halfling with a troubled past.
Once a slave in Cheliax, Grant escaped through the help of the Aldorean Tillers.
So inspired by their actions Grant became a Tiller himself. Unfortunately, during Grants first mission, he was captured and magically forced to reveal the secret location of his compatriots headquarters.
In shame he fled to the Stolenlands and to Candlemere.

Due to Grant’s long servitude to a greedy master, he has picked up insight and connections on how to obtain almost any and all things “needed”.

Emmond suspects that Grant Grandbrige is not the Halfling’s real name.

Grant Grandbridge

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